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Construction and Implementation.

Brave M&T has been overseeing projects in the 'construction and implementation' domain for years, providing support for the needs of industry players.

Our expertises span from investment opportunities assessing to assisting with feasibility checks, identifying innovative drivers and services for residential development, along with pinpointing alternative investment opportunities.

Concept and Design.

Brave M&T collaborates with real estate stakeholders in 'concept and design' activities.

The socio-economic analysis of the real estate and competitive context has enabled us to support the needs of our partners in creating business plans, studying and defining concepts and services in order to support various Real Estate projects.

Operations Facility Management.

Brave M&T leverages its research and analysis expertise to provide services in support of the“facility management”.

Our engagement in the real estate sector involves collaborating with a large number of professionals in the implementation of project and property management services, including the preparation of feasibility opinions and benchmarking activities on the economic impact of different services.

Advanced Reality Tool.

Brave M&T actively assists real estate professionals on a global scale in creating an interactive narrative capable of presenting, communicating, and selling their products.

A.R.T. Advanced Reality Tool, the interactive rendering software developed by SmartPixel,allows the representation and immersive experience of projects with a unique level of engagement. This spans from 3D rendering of residential units, both internally and externally, to the depiction of the relevant urban context.

Project Monitoring.

Brave M&T aims to deliver innovative solutions for relief and digital twin of the construction yard and work progress. 

Through smart and reality capture technologies, in collaboration with Spektra,Brave M&T offers a powerful tool for the management and control, able to bring closer the construction yard with the office. 

BRaVe – Building Rating Value

Brave M&T is the licensee for BRaVe – Building Rating Value , a software born for the evaluation of buildings in terms of quality, ethics, commercial strategy and compliance.

This tool can support many needs of the Real Estate market: from the dedicated evaluation of the buildings' performances, to the identification of areas that need investment, to the valorization of the properties and the relative measurement of risk.