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Welcome to Brave M&T

Where research meets innovation inside Real Estate.

Our Identity.

Brave M&T, born as a spin-off from the Politecnico di Milano, is the interdisciplinary innovation partner for the real estate world players who want to be competitive in the market and grow through technologies.

The Approach Approach.

Brave M&T is an innovation lab with an international and cross-disciplinary soul: thanks to the Brave approach academic researches intertwines with strategic innovation in the Real Estate field.

We’re Made of Method

We’re Made of Method

We’re Made of Method

We’re Made of Method

We’re Made of Method

Construction and Implementation.

For several years, Brave has been providing support for the needs of industry players in projects in the 'construction and implementation' domain.

Concept and Design.

Brave assists real estate stakeholders in their 'concept and design' activities.

Operations Facility Management.

Brave translates its academic researches and analytical expertise into services to aid 'facility management.

Technology for Real Estate.

With Brave, the latest achievements in technology and innovation become opportunities to develop cutting-edge services in support of Real Estate needs.